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3-D UV Curing 


Today, UV curing is being done very successfully on complex, three-dimensional parts including automotive lighting assemblies, plastic molded parts such as mobile phone cases and other teletronic devices, contoured wood products, golf balls, electric motor housings and fiberglass composite parts. 


UV curing of complex shaped parts can be a challenge because UV curing is "line-of-sight", meaning that every point on a surface must see the UV to cure the coating. Hidden or shadow areas will remain uncured (remain wet). 


Heraeus Noblelight America UV and 3-D Curing


Heraeus Noblelight America  has worked extensively on 3-D curing projects.  We've made tremendous strides on a wide variety of products previously thought impossible. The information resources listed below can help you decide whether UV curing is right for your 3-D product or part. Just click on the links to learn more. 


Chemistry Challenges 

UV Lamp Design 

Custom Solutions 

Use of Robots  

Dealing with Shadow Areas 

A Useful Language for 3D Curing - downloadable Adobe Acrobat file of a brief paper by Dick Stowe.
Case Study Examples 3-D Curing Examples


Contact us or give us a call at 301-527-2660 if you would like more information or have specific questions. 


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