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Pultrusion Composites Applications for UV Curing 

Heraeus Noblelight America has many installations at manufacturers who pultrude the central support rod for fiber optic cables. The line speeds are dramatically faster with UV than with heated dies. The challenge is being able to cure the part immediately upon exiting the shaping die. This is possible with small cross-section parts with no pigments in the resin. For larger parts, an optically clear die may be needed. 


Dr. Ellen Lackey at the University of Mississippi has studied the application of UV curing for pultrusion. "Utilization of Photocure Techniques in Conjunction with Thermal Cure for Increasing Productivity of the Pultrusion Process”, E. Lackey, J. G. Vaughan, and R. Patki, RadTech Report, May/June 2003. 



Heraeus Noblelight America is seeking innovative companies to work together to understand how UV curing can be applied to other commercial pultrusion applications. 


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