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Converting & Siliconizing Applications 




UV curable coatings are used extensively in the wide-web converting industry. UV hard coatings are used in the manufacture of solar and security window film products. UV cured systems provide scratch resistance for the polyester substrates that are used in these products. Similar functional coatings are also applied to printed papers known as decorative foils for use in low-cost modular furniture applications. UV coating provides scratch-, stain-,and moisture-resistance for the woodgrain patterns of the printed decorative foils. UV coatings may also be formulated to enhance the ink receptivity of film substrates. 


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Siliconizing production lines apply silicone based coatings to paper, films, or other substrates typically used as release liners – the peel-off and throwaway part of a pressure sensitive label.  UV silicone curing offers faster production rates and the ability to run heat-sensitive materials.  UV curing also reduces energy costs and allows more production flexibility. 


Tribex Corporation case study  


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