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Electronics Applications for UV Curing 


UV curing of electronic assemblies and components offers the ability to cure within seconds, minimizing work-in-process and achieving results while operating at room temperatures. 




The precision bonding of miniature parts offers heat-free activation of adhesives and greater throughput over time. The finished product is strong enough to be compared to spot welding, brazing and costly mechanical fasteners. 


Examples of electronic products benefiting from UV curing of adhesives include: 

  • Wire tacking 
  • Surface mount bonding for speakers 
  • Die attachments 
  • Pin attachments 
  • Sealing and gasketing products 
  • Flex circuit reinforcement and relief 
  • Ferrite magnet bonding 
  • Flip chips 


The coating of small parts with UV formulations provides protection (encapsulation, glob tops), strain relief, potting, masking and marking. Coating takes place in seconds, allowing for in-line testing, further assembly, minimized handling, increased throughput and product life – all while eliminating the space and energy requirements of heat cures. UV-curable conformal coatings, used to protect PCB assemblies from moisture and damage from the operating environment, typically use a secondary cure mechanism such as moisture and offer a solventless solution that requires less floor space and reduces production costs. 


Examples of electronic products benefiting from UV curing of inks and coatings include: 

  • Printed circuit boards 
  • Wires 
  • Computer chips 
  • Cellphone, OLEDs and semiconductors 
  • Cables 
  • Ribbon cables 
  • Pins 
  • Smart cards 
  • Displays 
  • Video tape recorders 
  • Motors 
  • Disk drives 

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