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Flooring Applications for UV Curing 


UV-curable coatings are often used in the manufacture of high-performance commercial and residential vinyl (sheet and tile) and wood (pre-finished hardwood strip and parquet) flooring products. These coatings are applied to the surface to provide enhanced performance characteristics such as stain and scratch resistance, anti-slip and ease of cleaning. UV-curable coating can also be formulated to control gloss levels down to matte finishes. Fusion UV Systems’ equipment is preferred by manufacturers needing consistent, reliable and stable operation, with the lowest heat output and the highest production speeds. 


Click here to see which of our products are most highly suited to flooring applications. 


Vinyl Flooring 


UV-curable coatings are being used on both vinyl (PVC) flooring sheets and tiles. UV powder is being used for slip-resistant coatings that are durable and easy to clean for use in healthcare, laboratory, and other institutional facilities. UV liquid coatings are being used on PVC tiles for a durable, long-lasting coating that can stand up to garage chemicals and the wear and tear of indoor sports and exercise. The application of these coatings is done at higher production rates, with less energy and floor space than is possible with traditional solvent based coatings.  Plus, there are no VOCs. 


Click here to download Something's afoot!, an article on how UV powder coatings improve PVC flooring products.   


Wood Flooring 


Pre-finished hardwood strip and parquet flooring contain UV-curable topcoats, both waterborne and 100% solids, to provide excellent durability. More recently, UV-curable stains are also available. Even trim pieces and moldings can be UV-cured to precisely match the flooring pieces. Heraeus Noblelight America's equipment is especially suited for curing shaped trim and molding due to its modularity and flexibility to cure 3-D (three-dimensional) parts. 

Floor Refinishing 


Several formulators and equipment manufacturers are working with Heraeus Noblelight America to develop UV curing systems for floor refinishing. The article below provides details on one of these efforts currently underway – mobile UV curing equipment for floor refinishing: 


Walk This Way: UV Speeds Floor Refinishing   


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