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Medical Devices, Products & Components 


UV curing using 'sHeraeus Noblelight America consistent output is ideal for medical market applications. When a life depends on the quality of the cure, it’s important to have the highest degree of quality and reliability available – and that's Heraeus Noblelight. Our UV curing systems enable medical device, component and product manufacturers to reduce their production costs, along with increasing product quality and enhancing productivity. 


For a detailed overview of UV curing applications in the medical industry, click here. 


Click here to see which of our products are most highly suited to medical device applications. 


Use of UV-Curable Adhesives in Medical Applications


UV-curable adhesives are ideal for both bonding and pressure sensitive adhesive applications. Some examples of bonding applications in the medical segment include syringes, dialysis machines, endoscopes, guide wire tips, tubing drainage sets, angioplasty accessories, filters, blood oxygenators and hearing aids. Click here to download a needle assembly case study.  


Hear all about it! UV curing enables mass customization of hearing instruments – click here to download this case study. 


UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives are also available for a wide variety of medical tapes. 


Use of Marking/Decorating in Medical Applications 


UV inks are ideal for screen print, offset, pad, and inkjet printing onto a variety of substrates for both marking and decorating. Whether it's printing a logo onto a plastic part or on-demand printing of serial numbers, UV curing can increase productivity and print durability. Some other examples of medical marking and decorating include IV bags and arterial locators on catheter tubes.  Click here to download a case study pertaining to syringe printers and flexo/offset barrel printers (indexing and continuous).  


Use of Coatings in Medical Applications 


Coatings include biocompatible and sterilizable seals, clear hardcoats to improve durability, and functional coatings that improve lubricity or healing, among others. Examples of product applications include blood test strips, catheters, guide wires, transdermal drug delivery systems and hydrogels.  


Click here to download a technical paper outlining the benefits of using UV curing for catheter coatings. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 

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