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Metal Container Decorating & Coating Applications 

 Metal container - bottom rim 

The metal container industry adopted UV curing technology beginning in the late 1960's for the curing of UV inks and coatings. The technology has proven to be a very beneficial process, resulting in product improvements, increased productivity and reduced air pollution. 


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Additional information on the following specific UV curing applications is provided below: 

Rim Coating 


Heraeus Noblelight America was instrumental in pioneering the use of UV rim coating for steel and aluminum beverage cans in the early 1990's. UV coatings provide a slick, highly mobile and very durable surface for the rim of the can to ride on through the manufacturing and filling operations. UV rim coating provides greater manufacturing and filling efficiency, resulting in greater profitability. 


UV Rim Coating Advantages 

  • Improved can mobility at can plant and filler 
  • Reduced maintenance from reduction of metal fines 
  • Superior abrasion and corrosion protection for both aluminum and steel cans 
  • Less line jams and downtime 
  • Vastly improved coating adhesion on the rim 
  • Coverage is easily checked with fluorescing dye under black light 
  • Little or no VOCs and HAPs 
  • Easy to retrofit existing lines 

Heraeus Noblelight America's microwave-powered UV lamps can be configured for single file or mass conveyor operations and are easy to retrofit at various locations in the can line for greatest performance and flexibility. The quick-restart capabilities of our lamps eliminate the need for mechanical shutters. Our unique electrodeless lamp design provides optimum cure performance and process stability over time in demanding and challenging can plant environments.  


Rim Curing Unit: Fusion UV-DRR 420 QBC (Longitudinal Section View) 


Rim Curing Unit - DRR 420 QBC 


UV Rim Curing Unit (Width-Cut Section View) 

Rim Curing Unit - Width-Cut View 




Easy-Open End Score Line Repair 


UV coatings provide a very effective repair coating for the score line on easy-open ends. The coating can be applied by various methods and cured at very high production speeds. The UV coating provides a very durable coating, eliminating the development of rust in the score line. 




3-Piece Flat Sheet Coating and Decoration Heraeus Noblelight America installed its first UV systems for three-piece can coating and decorating in the early 1970s. The microwave lamp offers significant benefits for this process. The interchangeable bulb spectra capability and high peak irradiance of our microwave lamp makes flat sheet decorating a natural. Longer wavelength bulbs can be chosen for heavily pigmented colors, allowing for greater cure consistency, depth of cure and adhesion to the substrate. The long bulb life and output stability of our equipment makes it the ideal solution for demanding three-piece can manufacturing. 


Two-Piece Can Decoration 


Heraeus Noblelight America installed the first UV two-piece can decorating lines in the mid 1970's. UV technology is a very efficient and cost-effective way to decorate and coat two-piece cans. It offers significant production and environmental advantages and has proven to be a very reliable production process. Long, inefficient thermal ovens can be replaced by a highly efficient 10 ft. long UV oven. VOC and HAP concerns are eliminated through the use of nearly 100% solids chemistries. UV ovens can be engineered for any line speed requirement and are expandable to easily add capacity at a later date. 


Heraeus Noblelight America Advantages 

  • High peak irradiance for greater chemical conversion. 
  • Interchangeable bulbs with selectable UV spectra for maximum process flexibility. 
  • Very rapid lamp off/on capability, eliminating the need for troublesome mechanical shutter. 
  • 8,000 Hour bulb warranty* 
  • Consistent bulb output and stability over time. 
  • Positive air cooling keeps system optics clean and operating at their optimum performance level. 
  • Modular design allows maximum design, maintenance and process flexibility. 
  • Optimum and even bulb cooling eliminates premature quartz failures and lamp sagging. 
  • Global sales, service and training network. 
  • On-site or return to Heraeus Noblelight America's Service Centers. 
  • The availability of service contracts. 
  • Telephone/e-mail/Fax service support. 
  • The availability of emergency shipments and after-hours support. 
  • The use of demonstration equipment and our Applications Lab at no charge. *6,000 hour warranty on special fill bulbs 

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