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Optical Media Applications (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray) 


UV applications that are highly suited for the manufacture of optical media include the following: 




Optical media such as CDs and Blu-Ray discs are decorated on the non-data side with UV curable screen inks that are typically 6-8 microns thick. Most screen inks are formulated for longer wavelength (365nm) to cure more effectively and achieve adhesion – so high irradiance is essential. To achieve the highest cure speeds with the least amount of heat, linear travel is recommended so the disk can pass under the lamps at a constant velocity at the focal point of the UV lamps. Though less efficient, UV curing can also be used on rotary (carousel) machines where the disks index through. 


Protective Clear Coatings 


UV-curable clear coatings are applied to protect the data on the disks. UV coatings provide superior abrasion and scratch resistance with high production rates. The application of the coating is almost always done by a dispense-and-spin (spincoat) method, followed by exposure to a UV lamp. 


Adhesive Bonding 


DVDs are made by gluing two optical media disks together. UV curable adhesives are applied, then cured by shining the UV light through the clear plastic disk prior to decorating. 


More information on UV curing applications for optical media is available in the article “UV Curing Exposed! Effective Application of UV Curing Lamps to CD/DVD Manufacturing” by R.W. Stowe.  Click here to download a copy. 


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