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Pipe & Tube Coating Applications 

 Pipe samples 

Pipe and tube, typically made of galvanized steel, for fence posts, sprinkler systems, electrical conduit and mechanical tubing, is coated with a clear coating (pigmented also available) to prevent rusting. Using UV-curable coating enables the coating to be applied in-line instead of off-line, as had been done previously. The coating is applied via spray, vacuum transfer, or flood-and-wipe at speeds ranging from 75 ft. to 800 ft. per minute. 


Click here to see which of our products are most highly suited to pipe and tubing applications. 


UV Curing Chamber - pipe and tubeUV Curing Chamber 


The challenge is to efficiently cure 360 degrees around a moving pipe. Typically, the pipe moves horizontally through the UV curing chamber with the UV lamps positioned strategically around the circumference to cure the entire exterior surface of the pipe. As the diameter and/or shape of the pipe increases, so does the number of lamps required. For optimum lamp configurations for your specific needs contact us.  


More detailed information on UV curing for pipe and tube coating is contained in the article “Tube & Pipe Mills Move from Off-line to In-line Coating: UV Makes it Possible” by Pete Chifo, Jr.  Click here to download a copy. 


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