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Plastics Decorating & Coating Applications 


A wide variety of plastic products are decorated and coated with UV curable inks and coatings to improve both their appearance and their performance. Typically plastic parts need to be pretreated in some manner to improve the surface tension so the ink or coating will adhere to the surface. UV inks used for decorating are typically screen, pad or offset printed and then UV cured. Most UV curable coatings, typically clear coatings that provide scratch resistance, are sprayed and then UV cured. The UV curing is built into or retrofitted into automated machinery and is usually one step in a high throughput production line. 

 Plastic samples 

The variety of UV decorated and coated plastic products and parts is seemingly endless and includes such things as yogurt cups, toothpaste tubes, mobile phone cases, writing pens and markers, drink bottles, automotive headlamp lenses, plastic faucets, television housings, eyeglass lenses, computer keyboards, catheter tubes, styrofoam cups, etc. 


Click here to see which of our products are most highly suited to plastics decorating and coating applications. 


Click on any of the resources listed below to learn about several important state-of-the-art processes for decorating plastics: 


Roll-on/Shrink-on Sleeve Labeling Technology
Plastic One Coat System
In-Line Metallization Adds Value for Plastic Molded Parts


In addition, we have case studies, machine builder profiles and technical papers available for download.  Just click on the heading of interest: 


Plastic Decoration Case Studies
Machine Builder Profiles
Technical Papers 


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