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UV Powder Coating Pilot Line Facilities 


The following facilities are available for formulators and prospective customers to test their products. Each of them has Heraeus Noblelight America lamps in their labs. Testing is very useful for determining both processing parameters and surface cure properties. 

 Nutro Corp sign 

Nutro Corporation 


Nutro Corporation is a leading supplier of custom paint finishing systems, serving a wide range of industries including automotive, appliance, ceramic glazing, aerospace, electronics and general industrial products. Nutro recently expanded its headquarters, enabling the company to add a training room that can accommodate up to 50 persons, as well as doubling lab space.
 Nordson spray boothNutro Coyote oven


In the lab space, Nutro installed a new overhead conveyor for large 3-D parts coating testing, for both liquid and powder. The lab is equipped with a Nordson powder spray booth, Nutro's own Coyote preheat and melt/flow ovens, plus Fusion UV Systems F600 curing units to test new powder formulations or to run part samples. 


Fusion UV curing lamps - door panel 


The line can handle parts up to 5 feet by 8 feet in dimension. With the addition of the training facility, Nutro plans to hold classes for both formulators and customers. Nutro's line is located at their headquarters facility in Strongsville, OH. 


George Koch Sons 


George Koch Sons, LLC is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of complete paint, powder, and flatline finishing systems, with over 1,200 complete finishing systems installed (including e-coat, powder, liquid and wood systems). Koch serves customers in all durable product categories throughout the United States and throughout the world. In response to increased customer demands regarding the quality and performance of its paint systems, Koch has completed a state-of-the-art customer test facility. Located at its world headquarters in Evansville, IN, the test facility offers unparalleled process validation to customers before any equipment is purchased. For paint finishing, the lab includes a closed-loop monorail paint line including: 

  • PretreatmentSpray Booth 
  • Dry-off oven 
  • Spray sooth 
  • IR, radiant wall and convection curing ovens 

Combination IR/Convection Oven 

  • Cool-down tunnel 
  • Heraeus Noblelight America curing lamps 


Part Being UV Cured 

The system is capable of handling virtually any part size up to 8' x 8' x 8', or weights up to 1,600 lbs. 

 Cy Franchon 

Cy Frachon 


Built by Cy Frachon, specialists in the design and manufacture of small paint and powder coating lines, and installed at its own factory in Valence, Franc, this compact, fully-integrated line features Heraeus Noblelight America’s F300 microwave powered UV curing lamps, plus variable power, medium wave IR lamps supplied by Hereaus. 


The line is capable of curing UV powder and liquid coatings on complex 3-D parts, and can be used for heat sensitive preassembled parts, plastic, MDF and other heat sensitive substrates, up to an overall size of 250 x 250mm. 


To allow maximum flexibility in curing complex shapes, the four F300 lamps, mounted either side of an overhead track, are individually housed, giving them vertical, lateral and angular movement. The overhead transportation track allows linear movement of parts through the line and has rotational capability, enabling even distribution of UV and IR and further enhancing the ability to cure complex shapes where necessary. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 

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