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UV Powder Process Basics 


In traditional powder coating a part is sprayed electrostatically with powder and then the part is heated via induction, convection, infrared (IR) or a combination in order to melt and flow the powder. Then IR or convection ovens are used to cure the coating. To learn more about traditional powder coating visit the Powder Coating Institute's web site at 


The UV powder process is very similar.
Nutro Corporation's Coyote Oven which combines convection and IR for even heating.Coyote Oven 


The part is sprayed electrostatically (automatic guns are recommended over manual application to ensure even, consistent thickness every time). Then a convection, IR or combination oven is used to melt and flow the powder, although at much lower temperatures and less time i.e., 176-285°F (80-140°C) for a few seconds instead of 320-390°F (160-200°C) for 5 to 15 minutes. 


Once the powder is flowed out, the parts enter a UV oven with UV lights that cure the coating in seconds instead of minutes with traditional thermal powder. Heraeus Noblelight America's microwave lamps are easily mounted for curing 3-D parts and in flexible arrangements, tilted, angled and even mounted upside down, for curing a variety of parts.
If a different color requires a different bulb, the bulb can be easily switched as part of the color change process. The microwave lamps also maintain their wavelength and level of output over their long 5000 hr (H bulb) or 3000 hr (D & V bulb) life. This means you get consistent surface properties day in and day out.Finished MDF UV powder coated parts exit oven
Finished MDF UV powder coated parts exit the oven, ready for off loading.


Some parts such as medium density fiberboard require special preheating or other pretreatment to get the powder to adhere to their non-conductive surfaces. MDF parts are typically preheated just enough to get the moisture in the board to the surface and thus attract the charged powder particles. Some parts are first coated with a conductive primer. 


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