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The System of Choice


Many formulators use nothing but Heraeus Noblelight America curing equipment in their labs because it provides the flexibility to simulate any cure condition.  Moreover, the UV cure system used in the lab is the exact same system that will be used in the customer's full scale production line. So lab work translates directly to the production process. 


Ease of Use 


Heraeus Noblelight America's equipment is versatile and easy to use. 

  • You can easily change the bulb spectrum to match your formulation with a simple switch to one of 5 standard Heraeus Noblelight America bulbs – and it takes less than 5 minutes. 
  • You can turn the Heraeus Noblelight America system on and off as needed. In just 5 to 7 seconds the unit is up to full output and you can produce samples. There’s no need to run the system all day just to produce a few samples. 
  • If you need to reduce heat, just insert a dichroic reflector. 
  • To change the focal pattern from a tight focus to a less-focused, broad pattern, we have a reflector that lets you reposition the bulb to accomplish this. 

When should I use a cure chamber versus a conveyor? 


If it is more likely that your customers will be curing your formulation dynamically, it is better to use a conveyor.  If they are likely to use a static cure, you should use a cure chamber. 


In general, formulations that are slow reacting (taking more than one second to cure) often require a longer exposure at lower irradiance. These types of formulations are most often used in indexing types of operations – bonding with UV adhesives, for example. A cure chamber will allow you to formulate using long exposures and lower irradiance. Fast-reacting UV formulations are generally used in high speed continuous conveyor type operations, so a lab conveyor should be used to develop these formulations. 


Lab Equipment Available from Heraeus Noblelight America 

Contact us if you would like more information or have a specific question. 


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