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UV Systems for Flooring 


Determining the best type of UV curing equipment for flooring applications depends on the type of flooring (i.e. wood or plastic) and its size and shape.Flooring samples 


For example, most hardwood flooring is manufactured in long, narrow strips. The UV topcoat is roll-coated onto the part and a Light Hammer® 6 with H bulb is mounted at focus above the wood surface at the exit of the coater. 


Most vinyl flooring topcoats are applied via curtain coating and a row or multiple rows (depending on line speeds and chemistry) of Light Hammer® 10 or F600S UV lamps with H bulb in a MLS light shield span across the entire width of the line. These systems provide excellent cross-web uniformity and output consistency. Uniformity is higher than comparable multi-lamp arc lamp systems, and the individual lamp modules can be changed out or replaced without affecting uniformity at all. 


Typically, flooring tiles are coated and UV cured in a flat line, linear fashion, using either liquid or UV powders. The UV lamps are mounted at focus above the tiles across the width of the line. 


Retrofitting our lamps into an existing line may be possible. For new, high production lines, we work with a variety of line integrators who specialize in material handling, coating application and controls, and who incorporate our system into the line. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 



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