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UV Glass Decorating Systems 


Glass decorating includes containers, glassware, flat glass, mirrors, and glazed ceramics. UV inks for ink jet printing on glass and ceramics are becoming available, promising to revolutionize some of the traditional methods of printing on glass. 


Most screen print glass decorating systems use our  F300S or Light Hammer® 6 system with longer wavelength D or V bulbs, although the choice depends on the specific container or flat glass size, handling and UV ink. 

 Glass Decorating Collage 

We have worked with a number of container decorating machine suppliers who have incorporated Heraeus Noblelight America lamps onto glass container screen print decorating machines capable of speeds up to 150 containers per minute, with multiple colors and excellent color-to-color registration. 


Although the bright and multi-colored panels of pinball machines are often printed with UV inks, many flat glass and mirror applications are single-color screen printed to create an etched glass look. The UV lamps are simply mounted at focus across the conveyor carrying the glass or mirror. Multiple color applications require a row of UV lamps after each screen print station. 


Retrofitting Container Decorating Machines 


While retrofitting existing decorating machines with UV cure stations is less costly, it does reduce the number of screen print stations available and the line speeds possible. In a typical retrofit, a screen print station must be replaced with a UV curing station because there simply is no room to fit the UV curing stations between the existing print stations. Thus, a two-color decorating line becomes a one-color line, and a four-color line becomes a two-color line. The limiting factor for line speeds in a retrofit scenario becomes how fast the ink can be applied. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 


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