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UV Curing Systems for Medical Applications 


Just like the wide range of medical products and devices available today, Heraeus Noblelight America offers a wide variety of UV curing solutions depending on your application and needs. Outlined below are the most common types of UV curing applications in the medical industry, including: 




UV-curable adhesives are ideal for bonding applications such as hearing aids and syringes. Most often, these applications require a relatively small area cure, so our F300S system is commonly used.  In conveyorized systems, the F300S or the F450 system may be used. 


In some cases, UV curing equipment can be retrofitted onto an existing line. For small-parts production, our LC6B Bench Top Conveyors and LC6E for Europe benchtop conveyor or floor standing DRS 10/12 conveyor, may be suitable. It is also common for our equipment to be integrated with other systems.  To that end, Heraeus Noblelight America maintains strong relationships with many of the medical industry’s best automation machine builders. 


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives 


UV curing of pressure sensitive adhesives is typically part of a complete automated system, which includes part handling, adhesive dispensing and UV curing. UV curing of a variety of medical tapes and patches is typically done on a narrow or wide web type machine. If there is space, the Heraeus Noblelight America systems can be retrofitted onto the existing line using our MLS light shield and any of our UV cure systems. The F600S or Light Hammer® 10 is most often used to get the fastest line speeds. If a new line is needed, a converting machine builder will typically be involved to incorporate the UV curing in with the material handling and adhesive application equipment. 


Marking and Decorating 


Whether UV inks are screen printed, offset, pad or inkjet printed onto the substrate, the usual determining factors for which Heraeus Noblelight America curing system to employ is the size of the print area, ink formulation, plus the line speeds desired. How the part is handled is also a key factor – indexing or continuous line. Most marking and decorating in the medical field is for imprinting a small area on the part, so Heraeus Noblelight’s F300S or Light Hammer® 6 is commonly used. UV curing equipment can be retrofit, although space can sometimes be a constraint. For small-parts production, Heraeus Noblelight's Bench Top Conveyors LC6B and LC6E for Europe benchtop conveyor or floor-standing DRS 10/12 conveyor, may be suitable. We maintain strong relationships with many of the decorating and marking automation machine builders, and can assist in selecting the proper printing process for your particular application. 




Determining the type of UV curing system to use for curing a coating on a medical product starts with the product itself. Flat products such as hydrogel patches or test strips tend to lend themselves to web processes using Heraeus Noblelight's MLS light shield and F300S or Light Hammer® 6 and Light Hammer® 10 products. 


A coating onto a catheter tube as well as coatings onto three-dimensional parts typically require multiple F300SF600S or Light Hammer® 6 and Light Hammer® 10 UV lamps, oriented to expose all coated part surfaces as they pass by the lamps. 


Retrofitting Heraeus Noblelight America's lamps into an existing system may be possible. For small-parts production, Heraeus Noblelight America's Bench Top Conveyors LC6B and LC6E for Europe benchtop conveyor or floor-standing DRS 10/12 conveyor may be suitable. 


For new, high production lines, we work with a variety of line integrators who specialize in the material handling, coating application and controls, and who incorporate our system into the line. We also have a custom engineering group specializing in custom solutions. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 



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