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UV Systems for Optical Media (CD/DVD, BluRay) 


CD and DVD Optical media  printing, lacquering and bonding machines incorporate Heraeus Noblelight America’s 6-inch lamp products – either the F300S or Light Hammer® 6, depending on output and control needs. General information about the systems we recommend for select applications is presented below.CDs 




Most CD and DVD optical media screen decorating machines incorporate Heraeus Noblelight America’s Light Hammer® 6 with D or V bulb to give the best adhesion and cure rates. To achieve the highest cure speeds with the least amount of heat, linear travel is recommended so the disk can pass under the lamps at a constant velocity at the focal point of the UV lamps. 


Though less efficient, UV curing can also be used on rotary (carousel) machines where the disks index through. 


Lacquering/Protective Clear Coatings 


UV curable clear coatings on CDs and, DVDs, and BluRay discs are nearly always applied by a dispense-and-spin (spincoat) method, followed by exposure to our F300 or Light Hammer® 6 systems with an H bulb. The disks typically travel in a linear fashion beneath the UV lamp. 


Bonding DVDs 


Typically, the bonding of DVDs is accomplished using our Light Hammer® 6 system with a D bulb. Disks are typically moved beneath the lamp in an indexing linear motion with the DVD at the focal distance, 2.1 inches from the lamp. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 


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