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UV Systems for Pipe and Tube Coating 

 Pipe samples 

Heraeus Noblelight America’s modular lamp systems are especially suited for in-line or off-line pipe and tube coating due to their flexible orientation, modular design, and high power. Our Custom Products Group has designed and built many UV curing chambers for a variety of types and sizes of pipe and tube. 


Most pipe and tube coating lines incorporate our F600S UV curing systems, most often with H bulbs, although it depends on the coating requirements. Each curing system can usually handle a range of pipe diameters and line speeds (75-800 feet per minute). In general, the larger the pipe diameter and the faster the line speeds, the more lamps that are required. Systems include all light shielding and safety interlocks. 


Heraeus Noblelight America works closely with pipe and tube line integrators who incorporate our lamps onto complete lines which apply the coating, cure it and also integrate handling, cutting and all controls. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 


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