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UV Systems for Wood Products 


The type of UV lamp and configuration most appropriate for wood products applications is dictated by the coating, part size, shape, and handling method.Wood samples 


Heraeus Noblelight America’s long-life, special fill bulbs, typically D and V, offer greater curing power for pigmented UV coatings. Most clear topcoats or lacquers require an H bulb to cure, with the number of lamp rows dictated by the reactivity of the chemistry and the line speed desired. Many flat panel products simply lie flat on a conveyor for coating and curing. The Heraeus Noblelight America lamps – typically the Light Hammer® 10 or F600S – are mounted in an MLS light shield across the width of the conveyor. 


Prefinished hardwood flooring lines are similar, although the width is typically narrow, so a Light Hammer® 6 or F300S would more typically be used. 


For molding, trim and other narrow profile products, the modular UV lamps Light Hammer® 6 or F300S are mounted to allow the flexibility to adjust them in different orientations to efficiently cure a variety of three-dimensional part sizes and shapes. The lamps are typically mounted following spray application or vacuum coating. 


Large assembled parts such as furniture or cabinet doors and components are typically hung on a conveyor and simply pass into a UV curing chamber, which houses the UV lamps Light Hammer® 10 or F600S on adjustable fixtures. 


Click here to learn more about highly effective UV curing of three-dimensional parts. 


Retrofitting Heraeus Noblelight America's lamps into an existing finishing line may be possible. For new, high production lines, Heraeus Noblelight America works with a variety of line integrators who specialize in putting together the material handling, coating application and controls, as well as incorporating Heraeus Noblelight America's equipment and components into the line. 


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions. 



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