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Use of Robots – Mounting UV Lamps on Robotic Devices 


Mounting lamps on robotic devices can produce great advantages to the curing process. It works particularly well – and is most cost effective – when the production line contains a mix of shapes and sizes that are difficult to cover with a "static" array of lamps. Robots allow easier access to "difficult" areas that could be impossible to reach by fixed lamps. 


UV Robotics lab is available for testing. 


Issues to Consider


Several issues need to be considered when using robotics. The UV lamp must be sufficiently robust to withstand the acceleration and de-acceleration swings of the robot arm.  Also, the lamp must be able to operate efficiently and reliably in a variety of different positions. Users of robotics need to ensure there is sufficient space to allow the robot movement to cover all areas. 


Finally, the robot must be programmed to ensure it delivers the correct UV energy to all parts. If the part has been robotically spray-coated, for example, the robotic curing system can follow essentially the same pattern and path as the coating robot. 


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