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Technical Articles and Papers from Heraeus Noblelight America 


As a leader in UV curing equipment and process applications, we want to provide you with educational information about UV curing technology and applications. Below you will find many papers and articles on a wide variety of UV curing related topics. We’ve grouped them into broad categories. Simply click on the category of interest and then the title to download the PDF file. Click here for Case Studies. 


Application Specific
Chemistry / Formulating
Fusion Product
General Information


Application Specific 


Challenges of Industrial UV Ink Jet by Dick Stowe 

The 'Process Window' of UV-Cured Inkjet Printing by R.W. Stowe 

Digital Inkjet for Industrial Applications by Susan Mitchell
UV Emerging as Key to Drop-on-Demand Ink Jet by Mario Carluccio

UV Ink Jet for High-Speed Variable Data Printing by Susan Mitchell 

UV Curing in the Plastic Components Industry by Dawn Skinner
Inline Metallization Adds Value for Plastic by Susan Mitchell

Experiences with UV-curable PSA's on a Production Facility by Petra Burger, Dawn Skinner, Paul Field and Mike Draper
UV Curable PSA Brochure by Petra Burger

UV Curing Applications for the Automotive Market by Chris Brandl
Process Solutions for UV Curing of Coatings on Automotive Plastic Parts by Kevin Joesel
Process Conditions for UV Sealer on SMC Body Panels by Kevin Joesel

Surface Pretreatment of Polymers using UV by Petra Burger, Petra Weidenhammer, Kornelia Armbruster, Volker Rekowski, and Michael Osterhold 

Net Shape Complex Preforms for High Volume Applications by Daniel T. Buckley
Utilization of Photocure Techniques in Conjunction with Thermal Cure for Increasing Productivity of the Pultrusion Process by Ellen Lackey, James G. Vaughn, and Rahul Patki
UV Curing: Cure on Demand for Filament Winding by Susan Mitchell
UV Curing Processes for Fiberglass Composites by Susan Mitchell

Overview of UV Curing in the Medical Industry by Susan Mitchell
Catheter Coatings Benefit from UV Curing by Lonnie Murphy

Measuring Temperature of Plastic Films by Dick Stowe 

Helios Chrome Plating Process by Susan Mitchell
Direct-to-Metal UV Coatings: The Challenges and Solutions by Kevin Joesel
Metal Finishing with UV Curable Powders: It’s not just for wood coating by Susan Mitchell

Screen-printed Containers Challenge PSA Labels by Susan Mitchell
Argentinean Company Pioneers UV Screen Printing by Susan Mitchell
Roll-on/shrink-on sleeve labeling technology by Dieter Leykamm

The Use of UV-EB Materials in Food Packaging by Marth Marapese, Esq. And Ronald Golden, Ph.D.
UV’s Role in Security and Authentication by Susan Mitchell
UV Speeds Floor Refinishing by Susan Mitchell
RFID: A New Opportunity for UV by Susan Mitchell
Effective Application of UV Curing Lamps to CD/DVD Manufacturing by Dick Stowe

Tube & Pipe Mills move from off-line to in-line Coating by Pete Chifo Jr. 

UV Inks Enhance Glass’ Position in Packaging Market by Susan Mitchell
UV Curing for Screen Printing on Glass by Petra Burger


Chemistry / Formulating 


Film Properties as a Function of Alternating Versus Direct Current by Sonny Jonsson 

Self-Initiating Monomers Photoinduced Free Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Acrylate by E. Sonny Jonsson, Tai Y. Lee, Kalyanaraman Vishwanathan, Charles E. Hoyle, Todd M. Roper, C. Allan Guymon, Charles Nason and Igor V. Khudyakov 

Mechanisms of O2 Inhibition in Free Radical Photopolymerization by S. Jonsson, C. Hasselgren, K. Viswanathan, C.E. Hoyle, S.C. Clark, C. Miller, S. Katogi, F. Morel and C. Decker 

Influence of Hydrogen Bonding on Photopolymerization Rate of Hydroxyalkyl Acrylates by Tai Y. Lee, Todd M. Roper, E. Sonny Jonsson, C.A. Guymon and C.E. Hoyle 

Secrets of the Dark by Dr. Sonny Jonsson and Catharina Hasselgren 

Automated Lab Coating Platform Targets UV Coil Coating Applications by Torsten Zech 


Heraeus Noblelight America Product 


A Customer Compares Arc Lamps to Fusion UV Electrodeless: A Case Study by Susan Mitchell
The Microwave Powered Lamp by Dick Stowe
External End Reflectors by Dick Stowe
Monitoring and Predicting Failure of Fusion UV Bulbs by Susan Mitchell


General Information 


Language for 3-D UV Systems by Dick Stowe
Radiometers – Types and Uses by Dick Stowe
Uniformity of Exposure Across a Process by Dick Stowe
Some Economic Factors for UV Curing by Dick Stowe
Radtech Glossary of Terms - Terminology for Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Process Design and Measurement
Fusion UV Adds a New Weapon to its 3-D Arsenal by Paul Mills
An Overview of the UV/EB Curing Markets in North America and the Outlook for the Future of the Technology by David Harbourne




The Strategy of Maintenance (“What is “FIWIB”?”) by Dick Stowe 

Verifying Air Pressure by Jeff Bragg
Reflector Replacement Tips by Jeff Bragg
Are you throwing away perfectly good UV bulbs by Jeff Bragg
The right tool for the job by Jeff Bragg
Calibrating Variable Power Supplies (VPS) by Jeff Bragg
Air Flow, Ductwork and Blowers by Jeff Bragg 
Filter Selection and Maintenance Reduces Unscheduled Downtime by John Guarniere 
Pressure Measurements Made Easy by Dick Stowe




Significance of Wavelength by Dick Stowe 
Temperature Measurements Under Lamps by Dick Stowe 
Some Q&As on Heat & Temperature by Dick Stowe
How Does Temperature Affect UV Curing? by Dick Stowe
Thin Red Line: Process design versus monitoring by Dick Stowe
Process Design versus Process Control by Dick Stowe 
Quick Methods – Optical Thickness and Spectral Absorbance by Dick Stowe 
Quick Methods – Find & Improve the “Process Window” by Dick Stowe 
Specifying UV Exposure by Dick Stowe

Cold Mirrors? Hot Mirrors? What’s That About? by Dick Stowe
Spectral Change with Low Power Operation by Dick Stowe
Why All the Data? Radiometry as Diagnostics Tools by Dick Stowe




Ozone Q&A by Dick Stowe 
UV Curing Equipment Safety Guidelines by Susan Mitchell
UV Exposure Safety by Dick Stowe
Mercury Spills and Cleanup by Dick Stowe  

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