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Welcome to Heraeus Noblelight America Applications Laboratories 


After some initial feasibility investigation, most UV curing projects require some kind of testing to ensure product requirements can be met and to determine the production rates. For many customers, our applications labs become their process development centers, analytical laboratories and research facilities. Working together, we have confirmed processing requirements and even created hundreds of new uses for UV technology. 

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Each of our labs is a pretty impressive place.  But it's our polymer chemists who set us apart. We provide unique, exclusive resources – unlike those any other UV firm can offer. Our customers view our laboratories as places where creativity abounds, thanks to the power of Heraeus Noblelight America's products, the expertise and experience of our people, and the incredible versatility of the UV process. 


The Perfect Lab Setting 


Customers find our labs to be the ideal place to develop proprietary manufacturing processes applying formulated coatings, inks and adhesives on a variety of substrates. Our labs are available for use by customers, prospects, chemistry formulators and industrial coatings manufacturers for examining potential UV curing solutions.  And each of our labs has a full range of Heraeus Noblelight America equipment available for analytical and testing purposes. 


Using our wide range of UV processing tools and techniques, visiting researchers and process engineers determine which UV lamps work best. Here, we're able to quantify and optimize depth and rate of cure, maximizing process speeds and product quality. Click here to learn how a few of our customers used our application labs and expertise. 


For formulators, our labs are the perfect place to field-test special chemistry in a real-life setting. There’s no need to tie up critical production lines in your customer’s plant when Heraeus Noblelight America's labs replicate that environment – without compromising confidentiality. 


When quantitative evaluations are required, our analytical instruments can be applied to determine cross-link density and other finished physical properties. 


Using Our Laboratory Facilities 


There are no fees for the occasional use of any of our laboratories ... they exist for your benefit! Because of heavy demand for use of the facilities and the laboratory personnel who assist our visitors, those interested in using any of the facilities will need to arrange for and schedule visits in advance. To discuss a plan to visit one of our labs, please contact us or call (301) 527-2660. 


Remote Labs and Off-Site UV Trial Facilities 


For large scale, production-like UV trials, we can arrange a UV trial at a facility that will meet your production process needs. We also have over $2 million worth of UV curing equipment available for line trials in your own facility. Please contact us or call (301) 527-2660 for more details.   

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