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Heraeus Noblelight - Amba® - UV Replacement Lamps and Components 


Heraeus Noblelight is pleased to invite you to learn more about Amba - UV lamps and components.  Amba 


 Every curing process is complex and each coating system specifies its own individual curing parameters. For these individual processes Heraeus develops a variety of customized UV lamps and replacement lamps.


A very efficient way to replace lamps at the end of life in digital printing machines is to replace the entire lamp cartridge. Replacing the old lamp in an used cartridge is false economy. The old reflector degrades with temperature and becomes less efficient. It is also difficult to maintain the original reflector shape after the old lamp has been removed. A reflector which no longer has the optimum shape or surface  condition could lose up to 15% of the ultraviolet radiation destined for the ink, therefore requiring more frequent lamp replacement to maintain operating efficiency.


Additionally these systems contain a window made of high silica quartz glass. This material has to be kept clean. A small amount of material on these windows will absorb a considerable amount of energy that should be drying ink, not heating up the system.

Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions.  You may find additional information at the Heraeus Noblelight website. 


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