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Custom Solutions for 3-D Parts

A custom engineered solution for UV curing of 3-dimensional parts depends on several critical factors: 

  • The overall size and shape of the part, including what surfaces, edges and angles need to be cured, potential shadow areas, and the mix of parts traveling through the production line 
  • The transport mechanism of the part, including how parts are oriented, how they are held and presented to the UV lamps (single file or batches, hanging or on jigs, rotating or fixed). 
  • The speed or throughput on the line, including how much time will be needed to achieve the required UV energy, and any space restrictions. 
  • The exposure requirements of the coating, including specifications of irradiance, wavelength range, time, and infrared exposure to produce the required physical properties 
  • The UV energy and irradiance, including the number of lamps needed, what lamp power, and lamp position to deliver the most uniform exposure to ensure the part meets the required end use specification. 

Satisfying all these criteria requires a flexible approach from the UV installation and process designers. The following are typical examples of various types of UV installation design for specific applications: 





 UV Installation  

Design Application 

Modular lamps with individual movement mounted on a fixed framework  Polycarbonate headlamp lenses 
Modular lamps with individual movement combined with rotation of the object Powder coated motors 
Coated part held by robot and rotated under a fixed lamp  Small, intricate parts used in TV sets, hi-fi systems 
UV lamp mounted on a robot  Wide range of plastic display boxes and frames       
Fixed lamps and robot mounted lamps Sealer coat on SMC body panels 




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