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Heraeus Noblelight America LLC’s Environmental Stewardship 


In our daily operations we seek to be an environmental steward. Below we describe some of our efforts. 



In the manufacture of our UV curing systems we make efforts to reuse where we can. For example, we reuse, and we encourage our customers to reuse, packaging materials whenever possible. If we’re repairing a system and the shipping container can be reused to return it to the customer, we do. This saves a lot of cardboard and foam from being put in the waste stream!


We reuse the plastic clamshells for RF screens, returning them to the vendor for re-use. Internally, we reuse these clamshells and also the plastic tubes for the bulbs. As reflectors and bulbs are inserted into finished irradiators, the clamshell and plastic tubes are returned to the reflector and bulb manufacturing areas for reuse. Transformers arrive at our plant in plastic crates which we return to the vendor for sending us our next shipment. Likewise, we return cardboard and foam packaging to our printed circuit board vendor. 


Any cardboard waste we can’t reuse is put into the recycling dumpster. Our machine shop recycles any aluminum waste. And of course we recycle office paper, glass and plastic.  


Waste Disposal
We dispose of waste in accordance with applicable regulations including any hazardous materials which are handled via third party, authorized hazardous materials transfer, storage and disposal companies. We encourage our customers to return intact bulbs to Heraeus Noblelight America  in their original containers for disposal. 


Heraeus Noblelight America LLC’s Systems Reduce Environmental Impact
UV curing technology is considered a “green technology” and therefore helps manufacturers reduce their impact on the environment. In addition, Heraeus Noblelight America’s microwave-powered bulbs last as much as eight times longer than arc lamps – that means fewer spent bulbs in the landfill. We also work with customers to design an efficient manufacturing process – the highest production rate with the least number of UV curing systems. This results in the least energy use per product produced for our customers, and that’s good for the environment! 


Heraeus Noblelight America and EU Directives RoHS and WEEE 

The Council of the European Parliament has passed directives restricting hazardous substances and mandating disposal requirements for electrical and electronic equipment.  These directives (RoHS 2002/95/EC and WEEE 2002/96/EC respectively) can be viewed on various websites including the European Commission’s at, and are also commonly referred to as “lead free” initiatives. 




The equipment that Heraeus Noblelight America provides is exempt from the EU directives because the operating voltages are in excess of 1,500 VDC and because the equipment is categorized as large-scale, stationary industrial tooling. While these directives do not apply, as an environmentally responsible organization, Heraeus Noblelight America encourages conformance to the directives with its suppliers.  We only insist that the form, fit and function of our finished products not be affected.  We are continuously evaluating changes that our suppliers propose, as they come into compliance with these directives, to insure that the quality and performance of our products is in no way adversely affected. 




If we can provide further information, clarification or if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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