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Heraeus Noblelight America:  A Brief History 

Founded in 1971, Heraeus Noblelight America is a world leading global manufacturer of industrial UV curing systems.  Like so many other new ventures, the Heraeus Noblelight America story began with five plasma physicists experimenting with the knowledge that high temperature plasma emitted ultraviolet radiation. 

Our five company founders realized that if they could find a way to harness the power plasma to emit ultraviolet light efficiently – and to make it reliable, cost-effective and easy to operate – they might be able to develop a product they could commercialize and sell.  They believed that if they used a magnetron and a sealed electrodeless bulb in a modular format, one unit could be coupled with another with no loss of UV light.  Manufacturers could then cure products from several inches to several feet wide. 

One of the first Heraeus Noblelight America customers was a very important one – Coors.  We were challenged with developing a can production system that would run continuously, 24/7.  Fortunately, we were very successful in that application.  And the rest, as they say, is history: 

Key Milestones
1971 – Fusion UV installs the first reliable microwave- powered modular lamp system – a 10-inch, 300 watt/inch lamp on a Coors can line, dramatically increasing both quality and production speeds.  In the early years, UV curing is used primarily for printing and decorating.
1979 – Fusion UV opens the first 
application lab to assist customers and formulators in developing UV curing processes. Testing of UV-cured coatings on optical fiber cable helps broaden the use of functional UV applications.  Fusion UV introduces custom-engineered UV systems in addition to standard systems.
1986 – The company’s first international office opens in 
Japan, beginning our evolution as a world leader in the UV curing industry.
1991 – European headquarters established in UK. 
Process expertise is now provided to customers along with UV systems. 
1993 – 
German office established bringing sales, service and applications laboratory testing capabilities to the European mainland.
1996 – Our company is acquired by 
Spectris plc (Surrey, England).  We become a total UV process solution provider, making major commercial advancements in the automotive, fiber optic, adhesives and electronics markets.
2000 – Major market investments in 
China, continuing our global growth.  UV curing technology is now being applied to three-dimensional parts applications – previously thought impossible. 
2001 – Fusion UV announces the release of a new product family called the Light Hammer® and the first product in the series, the Light Hammer® 6, which incorporates a solid state power supply. This delivers significant energy savings and sophisticated controls capabilities to customers.
2003 – Fusion UV’s Japanese website debuts. The Light Hammer® 10 is introduced, further expanding the Light Hammer® series to 10-inch systems.
2004 – Fusion UV’s China operation now includes three offices and a Chinese web site debuts.
2007 – Fusion UV ’s Web store debuts as does an electronic version of Fusion UV’s corporate newsletter, UV Spectrum, in German.
2008 – European headquarters moved to Germany who now have established a Polish distributor and Eastern European sales.
2013 – Our company is acquired by Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, Hanau, Germany
2015 – Due to internal reorganization at the Heraeus Group two of our US entities, Heraeus Noblelight LLC and Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. were combined into a new business entity under the name Heraeus Noblelight America LLC.

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