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LED Competence - LeftThe Ultraviolet Division of Heraeus Noblelight develops and implements customer-specific LED solutions in the near UV range.

Our innovative LED technology delivers a number of concrete benefits: the significantly longer life considerably extends your service intervals and minimizes production downtime. The wavelength of the LEDs can be precisely adjusted to your specific application, preventing scattering loss. Moreover, LEDs can be switched on and off instantly, which improves the energy efficiency of your plant and provides the potential for reduced operating costs.OED Noblecure

The chip-on-board technology ensures high power density and enables complex shapes to adapt to almost any contour. Our development engineers are specialized in designing customer-specific solutions and adjusting the design to your specific machine environment. This also includes all peripheral components such as cooling, control and power supply units. This gives you the certainty of obtaining an optimally configured LED system for your application.

Use our energy efficiency calculators to compute the annual amount of energy you are saving.


Contact us if you would like more information or have specific questions.  You may find additional information at the Heraeus Noblelight website. 



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